The Benefits of Membership

The Red River Valley Amateur Radio Club (RRVARC) has a monthly meeting which is increasingly geared toward education about radios (your radio if you need help) and operationally oriented use of your equipment.

Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic in-person Club meetings have been suspended.  Please email us at WB5RDD@WB5RDD.NET and someone will call and update you on the current situation.

For dues paid members:

  • Soon, part of the website upgrade and enhancement process will allow us to have a members only section you will be able to log into.  There we are contemplating a bulletin board for support and second-hand sales of gear, a directory with contact information for other members, automated notices about cellular hot spot renewal (see below) and other notices, along with other added functionality.
  • Due to our IRS 501(c) 3 designation we have access to an annual ten cellular hot spot allotment at very low cost.
  • In the very near future a “branded” email address will be available with your call sign.

Becoming a Member

Click this link and fill out the form, scan and email it to the club address, bring it to a meeting or mail us the form.  Dues is $25 per year for an individual and $37 for a family.  We have recently implemented PayPal so if you want to pay your dues it is as easy as clicking on the button below.  Not a ham radio operator yet?  You can still join.  Want to make a charitable donation?  Now you can.  Just click the donate button above, at the top right corner by the CONTACT US button.  We even made it easy for anyone who wishes to make an ongoing monthly contribution.  Just put the check in the box and your monthly donation will be fully automatic.

Annual Membership Dues

Individual $25

Family $37

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