Storm Chase 3/25/2019

Thresa, KE5JPM, and Leo, N5JEP, were able to chase a couple of storms passing through Fannin County that had produced some hail. Here are a few pics from that chase.

Whitewright storm as it passed Randoloph, TX. Inflow was just west of Hwy 121/Hwy 11 as seen in the picture. This storm headed toward Bailey and collided with Trenton storm, causing both to collapse.
Trenton Storm moving toward Bailey looking NW of Leonard(the wall cloud is just behind the rain shaft).
Whitewright storm updraft over Randolph, TX. Clover leaf updraft area. two were spinning clockwise and two were spinning counter clockwise. Sorry it’s sideways.
Radar from about the time the storms were crossing Hwy 121 near Bonham/Tenton/Leonard area in Fannin Co.