Tour de Paris 2020

Tour de Paris Routes Map
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When: September 26th, 2020

The Tour de Paris is in its 36th year and once again the RRVARC is helping out with communications for this great event!

As you look at the route map above you will see things like “RS1”.  That is a rest stop.  RRVARC radio operators man those rest stops, are at the Love Civic Center and anywhere else where communication assistance is required.

This years event was postponed from July to September 26.  Please mark your calendar and email Kelly Collins (W5KJC) or Phillip Beall (W5EBC) and tell them where to insert you in the table below.  The table is prepopulated with the names of some regular participants where they were located in 2019.  If you are one of those participants and you will not be involved this year please let us know and we will remove your name.  If you see that a spot is filled and you still want to participate there please indicate this in your email to us.  Also, there are often times more than one operator at a rest stop.  As we get volunteers we will further add detail to the list below.

LocationFirst NameLast NameCall SignShirt Size
Love Civic Center
Love Civic Center
Paris PD EOCJohnnyThomasWB5JT
Paris PD EOCJerryKeislerWA5KZA
Paris PD EOCMelToyeK5KEY
Paris PD EOCRandyHollandN5DDS
Urban SectionKellyCollinsW5KJC
Urban SectionJohnBonnetteKD5RWY
Urban SectionJerrodPhillipsKG5MEW
Rest Stop 1
Rest Stop 2
Rest Stop 3
Rest Stop 4GeorgeHanekeNV7Z
Rest Stop 5JeffreyJohnsonKF5HKI
Rest Stop 5VickiRossKG5YWO
Rest Stop 6CharlesPenryWA5VHU
Rest Stop 6CindyPenryKD5CCB
Rest Stop 7
Rest Stop 8
Rest Stop 9
Rest Stop 10
Rest Stop 11
Rest Stop 12T. WayneMooreKC5KOH
Rest Stop 13
Rest Stop 14DarrellHancockKG5PIN
Rest Stop 15
Rest Stop Supply
SAG (i.e. Support And Gear - Picking
up stragglers, helping with broken bikes,
etc. - This is always where we are the
shortest. Have an Excursion or Suburban?
Have a pickup truck? If no other spot
appeals to you please think about this one.)
Extra Hands On Deck

This link is to a PDF of who all was involved and where they were located during the 2019 rally.

Visit the Tour de Paris website for more information on the rally.