Welcome to the Red River Valley Amateur Radio Club website!

Please continue down the page for an update on the maintenance underway on the site.  But right now we wanted to point you to some very specific buttons on the left:

  • Tour de Paris 2020 - Please go there, take a look at the map and drop us an email at WB5RDD@WB5RDD.ORG and let us know where we can add you to the list.
  • Field Day - Read the debrief on Field Day 2020.  If you have operating notes and/or a picture of yourself operating on FD2020 please send them to WB5RDD@WB5RDD.ORG so we can add it to the page.
  • Hot Spots - Please email us the serial number of your mobile hot spot so that we can start coordinating annual renewals.  Just send the serial number to WB5RDD@WB5RDD.ORG and if you recall which year you got it tell us that too.

Soon we will send everyone an email reference the items above, but in case anyone came by the site we wanted to go ahead and put these details up to encourage the flow of information and ask you to please help us with the information requested.  Thank you!


RRVARC Officers

In coordination with, and with the blessing of, the officers of the RRVARC, the site (WB5RDD.ORG) is in the process of being completely revamped.

  1.  The first step was behind the scenes.  Look up at the address bar and see if there is a padlock, https, a check mark, etc.  These are your guarantee of the security of the site.  Why is that important?  To protect your personal information.  To safeguard the Club and all of its history.  To allow us to add PayPal.  There are many reasons.  RRVARC now has commercial grade security in place.

  2. The next step was to actually organize the information on the site.  Honestly, it was a mess and that organizational process continues.  You will notice buttons being moved around on the top and left side.  Notice that some have years under them.  We are organizing things so that you can find what you are looking for.  You are encouraged to check the buttons out.  Most are incomplete, but many are fairly well developed.  The top buttons are about 80% there and the top 4-6 buttons on the left are also 80%, maybe 80%+.  They are getting content fast.

If you came to the page while these  site changes are being made please be patient.  You are welcome to poke around.  There are a lot of other plans for the site, but we had to get things all aligned.  Under one umbrella as far as all of our documents and records.  Safe and secure, easy to access and then we will move on to even better stuff.

If you like what you see, please tell us.  If you do not like what you see, please tell us.  We work for you.  Just drop us a note at WB5RDD@WB5RDD.ORG  - Phillip Beall