Member Announcements/Requests For Assistance

This page is a new feature for the Club.  If you need help with something, have something to sell or give away, etc., please drop an admin a note and we will add the information below.


03 August 2020

I have come into a couple of OshenWatches (Click here for a Google result for it.).  They monitor heart rate, blood pressure & blood oxygen level, has a Running Mode, Jump Rope Mode, Sit-Up Mode, and Sleep Mode.  It has a clock and a step counter.  They are free to a loving home.  Please let me know if you want one or both.


Vicki Ross (KG5YWO)

Please call or write Vicki if you want one or both.

01 August 2020

It seems like it’s been over a year since December when I joined the club.  Well that time is now almost here.  On August 18th I need help to unload the truck and move into my new house.  Would it be possible to have a group of people that could help me unload and get everything inside so I can beat feet and return the rental truck if possible?  As I have no one there to help me I am all alone in this.


Chris Teague (WB8YPO)

Please call or write Chris if you can help her on August 18.