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MTC Sidewalk Sale

May 8, 2021 @ 3:00 pm

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Starting in March MTC is doing a sidewalk sale every second Saturday. We plan on doing this in March, April and May From 7:00AM to
Noon. It will be lots of fun. Get here early. If you have items to sell we will have free tailgating and you are more than welcome to Buy
sell and trade right here for FREE!. Of course if you do not want to tailgate you already know that we will buy or trade for your Used
Ham Gear and electronics.

There will be store wide discounts on new and used items. Bring Cash,
Check, Credit cards, trade ins and get here for some once a month crazy
deals. We will always have a special product or two that we will be blowing
out at ridiculously low prices. Make sure you get a flyer while you are here
for “Richard’s Deal of the Day” .

We have limited tailgate spots available. You must call us to reserve. Without a reservation you may not be able to get a spot. We will
tailgate behind the store, on the side and even out front.
Selling starts early at 7:00AM or before outside. The actual store will not open until 8:00AM. We close at 1:00 on Saturdays.
Spend the morning in Paris. . We cant wait to see you!
Watch the weather. This time of year you never know. If there is a chance of rain you are more than welcome to bring a canopy, tarps or

anything else. The sale will still happen. Since this is not one of our big blowouts we will not have the tents set up with merchandise out-

Please keep in mind that this is not like our other events that we have had in the past. It is a tailgate sale. We will probably not have the
stage, music, manufacturers and the big blowout that we have had at our annual events.
Not interested in buying and selling? It’s OK. Bring a chair and just hang out a while and meet with others from the area.
While you are here in Paris please feel free to use KI5DX 444.475 repeater. It is analog and C4FM and is also connected to WiresX
and Echolink.
We do have a few Rules
1. Have Fun.
2. Please leave parking around the Pizza Place next door open during their business hours. They open at 10:00AM
3. If possible, park across the street in the big parking lot to allow room for the tailgaters and folks that that need to park close.
4. Keep in mind our store is pretty small. Please use common sense and not pack the store with dozens of folks at one time. There will
be plenty of time for people to come in and look around.
5. Masks, If you want to wear one , please do. If you don’t want to wear one, please don’t. Just be safe, respectful of others and use
common sense.
6. Please take pictures, tell your friends, check in and post on social media. Help us spread the word. #MTCtailgate #MTCradio


May 8, 2021
3:00 pm