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Paris Texas DMR 440.5875

Jason Johnston, KC5HWB, installed a Motorola XPR 8400 DMR Repeater here in Lamar County today. Special thanks to him for providing all the equipment and also to Hopewell VFD for the site and tower space.

We are currently using two antennas and no duplexer.

The Frequecy is 440.5875+, Color Code 9. Time Slot 2.

Talk Groups installed are TG9 and TG2.

TG9 is for local only. TG2 is for the East Texas DMR group repeaters on the C-Bridge servers. More groups will be installed at a later date.

For more information on DMR, visit Jason’s website www.LiveFromTheHamshack.TV

Thanks Jason for the great addition to our area and again thanks to the ham radio operators @ Hopewell VFD!


-Leo, N5JEP

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