2 thoughts on “Club Meeting July 28th”

  1. Hi, moving to Detroit by end of September
    Interesting in learning and joining.
    I already have my license but have not been on the air
    Considering putting up a tower and possibly a relay on my 50 Acres in the woods. Need some “brand new” ham lessons.
    I’ve got a 2 Meter Kenwood mobile to use.

    1. Hello Rick! We hope you will enjoy NE Texas! There are over 200 operators just in Lamar County alone and some are active on all the different aspects of the hobby. There is a Ham Radio store right here in Paris, TX! All major brands represented. Main Trading Company mtcradio.com

      Sounds like you have a great place to do ham radio!
      I am updating our website but it will be a few more weeks before I can publish it out. There are Fusion, D-Star, and Analog Repeaters all around! Check out NCTC and the FreedomLink systems!


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