Welcome to the Red River Valley Amateur Radio Club Home Page!

Email us at wb5rdd@wb5rdd.org

The Red River Valley Amateur Radio Club meets at the Paris Municipal Court 
2910 Clarksville Street, Paris, TX 75460

Our next meeting date is October 10, 2015

How far it is to your local ham radio store?

Visit our local Ham Radio Store!

Main Trading Company
2707 Lamar Ave. Paris, TX

Digital Communications Guide for Amateur Radio

Do you need a Fusion Radio to use our club repeaters?  NO! We invite you to check out the Yaesu Website and choose a Retail outlet of your choice for a C4FM capable radio! The FT2R radios are now available. This system is fully compatible with all Yaesu Fusion Digital Radios as well as Analog Wide FM conventional radios that have PL tone capability. Don't let this fool you! This is a fully automated Analog/Digital auto switching system!  At this time the system is setup to receive and send Analog & C4FM Digital. UHF is Auto/Auto. VHF is set to Auto input/FM Output only so everyone can hear what is being said and can experience what a digital radio sounds like over an FM-wide receiver after conversion at the repeater site.  

The WIRES-X boxes are installed and working!

How do use it?

On your radio DTMF pad or memory....press 
'#+5-digit node or room number' 
and will make a call and link to another repeater or room.

'*' will disconnect the link.

Thank you to Star~NET Online Systems for providing us with two free IP addresses to access the internet!

Join us at our CLUB BREAKFAST right before the meeting!

Saturday, Oct 10 at 9am @ The Road House on N Main St.
Paris, TX 75460

Get there early!

ARRL VEC Testing will be on Dec. 5th at 10am at the
Paris Municipal Courtroom 
or by appointment.

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Our Repeaters

Listen Live!


FM-W & C4FM Capable!

146.76- PL203.5 
Paris/Lamar Co.
Wires-X Node 11596
Wires-X Room 21596

444.500+ PL114.8 
NCTC Link System
Wires-X Node 11597
Wires-X Room 21597

2.412 GHz Center Freq.

W5LL and N5JEP

Local Nets:

Mondays @ 8pm
146.76- PL 203.5
444.50+ PL 114.8

D-Star Texas Net - Every Tuesday
@ 8pm on REF004B

Thursdays at 8pm on both repeaters!

2nd Wednesdays @ 8:30pm
3860 kHz

Other Area Repeaters:

Amateur Radio Repeaters 

444.475+ KI5DX/R  Analog FM (pl 100.0)
147.070 + KC5OOS/R Analog FM (pl 100.0)
147.340+ KA5BCR/R Analog FM (pl 110.9)
442.125 K5PTR  B D-STAR Repeater
145.390- N5JEP/R Analog FM (pl 100.0)

D-Star Information